Wooden raised beds

For comfort of growing plants.

Your greenhouse will look more beautiful with raised wooden beds!

Using raised beds is a very convenient and comfortable way to grow, and the harvest will delight with its generous yield.

Raised beds are made from two types of materials:

Thermopine is a type of natural thermal wood obtained by burning in a kiln at a temperature of 170 o C. A special technology of no oxygen access does not allow the wood to ignite, but creates a reliable and durable structure from it. This technology completely removes resins from the wood structure.

Ordinary pine is a natural material that does not heat up in the sun and maintains a microclimate that is beneficial for plants in the garden or greenhouse. Over time, resin may appear on the surface, but it can be easily removed.

Raised beds are made to order, the cost is calculated per m3 of the finished product.

We offer wooden beds with or without a bottom, as desired. The bottom is made of boards with
special impregnation, waterproofing fabric (liquid rubber) and plywood.

Additionally, if required, you can install the bed on special supports or wheels for comfortable use.