Hobby Greenhouses and

Premium greenhouses

Classic greenhouses
Grow fresh and organic products all year round
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Impeccable quality and exquisite design
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Lean-to greenhouses
Open the door to the blooming garden from your home
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10 year warranty on heavy duty aluminum construction
Built-in ventilation: louvre type windows, roof and/or side windows
All greenhouses are by default covered with safety tempered glass 4 mm
Coated with a special wear-resistant paint
All fittings, bolts and nuts are stainless steel
Professional delivery and fast installation
Request a catalogue
Get a price list for top-models or complete range of available greenhouse models
Winter Warmth & Summer Protection
Flat or deep shelves for pots and plants
Standard electric system or Smart Heating Glass
Automatic water supply for the plants
Lamps for year-round growing of high yield harvests.
For comfort of growing plants

Vertical Growing Tower

Grow your plants easier and more enjoyably!
Kyiv area,
Vita-Poshtova village,
Zvenyhorodska str. 201a