Winter Warm & Summer Protection

During the summer months there is a lot of direct sunlight. If plants are not protected, photosynthesis and other plant growth processes cease. When the temperature of the environment and plant tissues becomes very high, then all the water consumed by the plant is used to cool its own plant tissue.

To create a comfortable climate that will allow you to save your plants, a number of systems are
used, among which the main one is the screening system.

Benefits of the screening system:
The screening system is one of the most important equipment systems of a greenhouse,
providing the following benefits:

1. Reducing air overheating
During periods of excessive solar radiation, the fabrics shade the plants.

2. Reduce heat loss
It is very convenient that the curtains have energy-saving properties.
The proposed curtain fabric allows you to keep some of the heat indoors, improving the climate
for your plants and saving energy. Greenhouse fabric has its own degree of energy saving - up to

3. Light diffusion
Whatever plants you grow, it is important that the light is as diffused as possible. Special
screening material of the system evenly scatters sunlight on the surface and inside the plants, that
accelerates their growth and promotes the development of a healthy and uniform yield.
Diffused light creates a favorable shade, allowing light to penetrate deep into the entire surface
of the plant, and improving photosynthesis and increasing yields throughout the greenhouse.

Advantages of diffuse light:
* Diffused light contributes to the cultivation of a more saturated color.
* Better quality plants due to diffused light.
* All plants receive the same amount of light.

Active scattering of sunlight helps to reduce the temperature of plants and their risk of burns.
When using top and side screens together in the system, the fabrics fully show their functions,
this helps to achieve the desired results and get an excellent harvest.