Lamps for year-round growing of high yield harvests.
The amount of light (i.e. intensity of solar radiation) determines the speed of growth and development of plants. The lack of light significantly reduces the speed of plant development
during winter, spring and autumn, because daylight hours become short and natural solar radiation is low.

Therefore, as a rule, without lighting system greenhouses are empty in early spring, late autumn, and all winter.

For cultivation in autumn, winter and spring, a system of additional lighting is necessary in order
to extend the daylight hours for plants. Supplementary lighting affects the increase in yield, its quality and provides better control of the production process.

There are several types of lamps. In hobby greenhouses the most common are LED, fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium lamps, since they are mainly used for growing.
The type and power of the growth lamp depends on the height of the greenhouse and the type of crop being grown.

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