Standard electric system or Smart Heating Glass
For heating the greenhouse in cold weather, we offer stand heating from electric boiler.

As an innovative alternative, we also offer Smart Heating Glass. Now you can grow your favorite plants in winter comfortably, while maintaining comfort and space in your greenhouse.

Smart Heating Glass looks like ordinary glass. With no equipment in your way, it saves space. How does it work? A conductive powder coating of metal oxides is applied to the surface of the glass using a special technology which acts as a heating element. This thinnest coating is transparent, imperceptible and practically does not affect the light transmission, which is very important for plant growth!

And with the help of this type of heating, you reduce heat losses to a minimum and, accordingly, reduce heating costs. Such glass quickly heats up to a predetermined temperature and the heat
radiated by it begins to be felt almost immediately.

Electricity consumption depends on the heating temperature and starts from 250W/m 2 .
The controller maintains set temperature. Standard heating temperature is up to +25 0 С (which is
safe) and can stay the same regardless of the external temperature (at 0 or -10 0 С) due to
possibility of heating up to +40 0 С.

According to the set parameters or the selected temperature mode, the system turns off
automatically, saving energy. Connection to computerized automation is also possible.

And do not worry about heating up the outside. Heat is not transferred to the outside due to the
unidirectional radiation and the presence of protective, reflective and heat-insulating layers. In
addition, the conductive coating gives the glass its selective properties: in cold weather, even
when it is turned off, it reflects heat back into the greenhouse.

At your request, you can install on all windows, or you can install on several.

Also, at your discretion, you can additionally make a warm floor, and put heaters. That is
recommended in severe winter climates.

Note! The use of warm glass can only be effective when using greenhouse screens.
Recommendations for growing during winter:
1. Be sure to install greenhouse screening on both the roof, and side walls. This is necessary for
energy saving, since warm air always rises, and curtains will save a heat loss up to 50%.

In sunny weather during the day, the curtains must be opened to allow access to the sun's rays. In
the evening and at night, the curtains must be closed to keep warm.

2. Adjust windows with automatic opening for winter mode.

3. Install a heating fan in the greenhouse as an additional source of heat, or choose one of the
following alternative heating options:
- pipe or cable heating of growing beds (soil temperature should not exceed 27 °C);
- fireplace;
- electric heater;
- Smart Heating Glass with combination of one of above.

4. When using an additional heat source, it is necessary to install a circulation fan to equalize the
climate in the greenhouse.